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Born in a Portuguese chef’s restaurant, it originally was served as a dessert. Following countless requests of customers, feeling pressured, Chef Carlos Braz Lopez soon opened a small store in Lisbon, Portugal.

Its sensational taste travelled by word of mouth and continues to attract chocolate lovers from all over the world, producing over 120,000 cakes per year. Nowadays, there are over 30 stores in some of the world’s top cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Seville, Sao Paulo, Washington and now Miami!

The secret recipe is still secret but two aspects of our cake are well known: we pride ourselves in using one of the world’s finest ingredients, the French ‘Valrhona’ chocolate and our cake is flourless.

Come, see and taste it for yourself, what the whole world is talking about. Australia’s first shop for “The Best Chocolate Cake in the World” is exclusive to Warringah Mall on the Northern Beaches.


The fusion of textures, honeyed and crunchy, make this delicacy melt delicately in the mouth.


This flourless cake is made of crispy layers of meringue and a creamy, soft chocolate mousse, which give it a wonderful and unique texture. To top it all, a superb Valrhona chocolate ganache. Also, it’s totally handmade, layer by layer, to give it an artisanal look. And these are the only details we can reveal, since its recipe is a closely guarded secret that’s travelling the world.


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